VASER is the most advanced Liposuction device worldwide nowadays. It is a third generation ultrasound based medical device that is exclusively used by specially trained and experienced Plastic Surgeons. It is used during liposuction making the operation much easier and effective and giving extraordinary results in the majority of cases.

The mechanism of action is based on focused ultrasound – heating energy delivered to the tissues, liquifying the fat in a minimally invasive way keeping the surrounding tissues intact. With the evolution of this technique the downtime has been significantly reduced and the post-operative swelling and bruising can be kept minimal.

With the VASER liposuction the heating energy passed to the tissues gives rise to activation of fibroblasts which finally results in skin retraction to the area and not allowing the tissues to go loose.

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and the patient returns home the same day. His only obligation is to wear a thin elastic corset for 3-4 weeks, which is almost invisible under the clothes. The results are visible from the very first week, while the process of tightening and producing fibroblasts continues till six months later.

The liposuction procedure is performed with the high-swelling technique and the appropriate technical equipment is used (very fine cannulas, sophisticated filtration machine body-jet etc.), causing minimal tissue injury to the subcutaneous tissue, which results in painless surgery and minimal post-operative pain.

If adhering strictly to the rules governing liposuction with the use of local anesthesia (high swelling technique), both during surgery and post-operatively, even 10 liters of fat in one operating room can be removed from the patient. It is extremely important that the plastic surgeon has experience and the in-hospital post-operative follow-up.

Advances in medical technology allow the plastic surgeon to avoid the use of general anesthesia in any case of liposuction, regardless of the area of the body being made and the volume of fat removed.

It is the most advanced and sophisticated liposuction technology, where through radio frequencies; it creates a very specific radius of action that homogenizes the fat. At the same time, the thermal energy of radiofrequency stimulates and induces fibroblasts, resulting in a greater tightening in the areas where it is applied, while concomitant contraction of the vessels greatly reduces post-operative edema and possible extrusions and bruises observed with the classical method. Also, by fluidizing and homogenizing the adipose tissue, a smoother and smooth surface is achieved without any waves or pits sometimes created by the classical method. The results of the new technique are so excellent that we apply it with great precision in the abdominal area, in and out of thighs, knees, arms, and its application in the area of the eyelids.

4D- liposuction is truly the future of liposuction and liposculpture, as it has the ability to remove fat from difficult areas of the human body without causing injuries or scars. With 4D- liposuction we can give the body a round pattern with toned buttocks and visible abdominal muscles.

“Smart” 4D liposuction allows the natural projection of muscles and the physical movement of muscle groups. Fat is removed carefully; the body is sculpted by liposculpture, injecting fat where necessary. So we can add volume and accentuate the existing muscular system to shape the striation and the shape we want not only in the abdomen (6pack line), but also in the arms, chest, buttocks, thighs, hips by transforming the back and improving the body on a permanent basis.

No, liposuction is a method of correcting body shape, especially for areas where the local thickness is very difficult to handle, such as the abdominal oblique areas, the outer surface of the thighs, the inner surface of the thighs, the knees, etc.

Liposuction can be done safely around the neck, arms, back, abdomen, thighs and tibia. Limitations can only be set by the experience of the plastic surgeon, the equipment available to him/her, as well as the specific health problems of the patient.

The effect of the surgery is distinct even on the first post-operative day. However, the final result can be seen one month after surgery, as the edema gradually recedes. While with the Vaser method, fibroblasts are produced and tightened for up to 6 months post-operatively.

The human body is unable to produce new adipocytes after puberty. Therefore, after removing fat cells from one area of the body, they are not replaced by new ones. This means that the effect on the shape of the body after liposuction is permanent, as long as one moves in a reasonable range of three to four pounds up or down and does not exceed that much.

It is usually combined with breast augmentation or small abdominoplasty. But it always depends on how big the surface is where the liposuction will take place and its general condition.

When necessary, adipocytes derived from the sucked adipose tissue can be used in many areas of the body after appropriate treatment to treat wrinkles (face), skin surface abnormalities (cellulite, atrophic scars), and enlarged volume of selected areas ( cheekbones, chin , buttocks, calves, etc.). Increasing the volume of the breast using adipocytes from other areas of the body is in the experimental phase, as it may pose risks to the patient’s health. Also transplanted adipocytes play a role of stem cells with excellent results in the applied area.

These are similar procedures, with the only difference that the term Liposculpture is used where liposuction is associated with implantation or transfer of fat from a region of excess to a region of greater deficit.

A patient may undergo liposuction surgery from adolescence to the age of 65 years. Restrictions can only be posed by specific health problems that the patient may encounter, as well as the skin quality of the patient’s body. In general, the results are best at a young age where the elasticity of the skin has not deteriorated over time.

It is not usually necessary to stay in the hospital for more than a few hours post-operatively unless the physician considers otherwise.

The cost of the liposuction surgery is determined by the extent of the problem and the surgical technique to be followed. Liposuction can be achieved with the Vaser technique. It also depends on whether it will be performed in parallel with liposculpture (lipotransplant) or even with a combination of other surgery such as abdominal surgery. The final cost of each cosmetic procedure is determined by the visit and covers all costs (laboratory tests, doctor’s fees, surgery costs, hospital costs, material costs, post-operative care), except for the extension of hospitalization if the patient so wishes.