Chemical peelings involve controlled skin injury by applying a chemical solution. They are classified as superficial, medium and deep peeling according to the depth of penetration of the chemical agent used. Their action is based on the removal of superficial layers of the skin and the stimulation of fibroblasts resulting in increased collagen production. While healing mechanisms are activated, improved texture and color of the skin are achieved. In 24-48 hours after treatment the exfoliation begins. The duration and the severity of the exfoliation depends on the type of chemical peeling used. As we get older dead skin cells are not so easily removed and thus give the skin a dull appearance. Peelings, however, speed up this process by giving the patient youthful, rejuvenated and radiant skin. Fine wrinkles and roughness are reduced. Additionally, they  are a popular and safe method when patient wants to deal with skin problems such as dark spots, melasma, seborrheic and actinic keratosis, acne and acne scars. Combined peelings can maximize efficacy and patient’s satisfaction.