This treatment was so named, because it is based on injecting substances into the mesoderm, that is, in the lower dermis in order to deeply hydrate, improve fine wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones, improve dark circles and smooth lips.

Extremely thin needles are used in treatment and therefore the discomfort is low. It is spectacularly effective when it comes to small areas of local fat. The effects, which are lipolysis and skin tightening, begin to become visible after the third session. Each session lasts 15-20 minutes.

As far body mesotherapy solutions are concerned, they create a mild fat-soluble and tightening effect. Multivitamin preparations with trace elements and hyaloronic acid are used. This allows the regeneration of the cells, making the skin smoother, brighter and more elastic.

Mesotherapy is mainly used when the patient wants to improve the texture of the skin that may suffer from dehydration, photoaging and when  fine wrinkles are present. It is also used as a body cellulite treatment or when a small amount of local fat needs to be treated.


Common Questions

It takes 4-6 sessions with intervals of 15-20 days, depending on the mesotherapy preparation used and the initial condition of the skin. The final effect of mesotherapy is cumulative.

The result lasts several months. We recommend repeating a cycle of mesotherapy every 6 months to maintain the maximum aesthetic effect.