It is made from a hydrophilic protein, glycosaminoglycan, a substance naturally present in our body. It is injected under the skin, restoring it’s volume and structure. It is mainly used for filling face’s wrinkles and in some cases to restore volume loss from the body like the buttocks area. More common uses are for the nasolabial fold, the lips, the jawline and the cheekbones.

It has immediate visible effect so that the patient can participate in the decision on the amount of material to be injected. It is packed in sterile syringes, usually of 1ml. Anaesthetic cream is applied to the area and with the help of a small needle the hyaluronic acid is injected within a few minutes (5-10minutes). After an hour a slight erythema and a small swelling that may occur begin to subside.


Common Questions

Since the material used is biodegradable by our body, the result lasts from 8 to 12 months.

The treatment should be repeated every 5 to 6 months. Not even our body will absorb all of the material, but this will result in a smaller amount of use, smaller differences in facial appearance and thus a more natural outcome.