Contraction of the Palmar aponeurosis (Dupuytren’s Contracture)

It is a condition of unknown etiology (there are predisposing factors) presenting with unilateral or bilateral contraction of the palmar aponeurosis. It occurs by the formation of nodules and cords along the palms or toes, resulting in the shrinkage of the skin of the area and the stiffness of the joints over time, affecting the function of the hands.

The treatment may be conservative in the early stages but in advanced cases often requires surgical treatment through consisting of partial resection of the aponeurosis under local anaesthesia and axillary block.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It is a common syndrome of the hands -multi-etiologic- in which the patient has pain, numbness or even atrophy of the part of the hand  due to compression of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel (palm). In the early stages the treatment may be conservative but in advanced cases it may require surgical intervention ( decompression ) through a small incision (3cm) in the patient’s palm under local anaesthesia.

Trigger Finger 

It is one of the most common medical conditions of the palms. It is an inflammation  of the flexor tendon system of the fingers. It is a painful inflammatory disorder occurring during flexion of the fingers, thereby causing the affected finger to even block  in extreme cases. In mild cases the treatment can be conservative while in neglected situations and relapses patients require surgical resection of the tendon sheath through a small incision (2cm) in the patient’s palm under local anaesthesia.