Transplantation of fat helps rebuild the body and face using your own fat which is removed from unwanted areas (found mainly in the belly and buttocks- thighs). The fat is carefully collected and processed before injected to selected areas as necessary.

The benefits of this procedure are many. Initially, the elasticity and texture of the overlying skin in the affected areas are improved. Also,the atrophhy of the adipose tissue is restored and the wrinkles are softened. The cheekbone’s volume is increased and a “ liquid lift “ is achieved. Finally, the added fat is rich in stem cells that are responsible for tissue regeneration.

This procedure can be combined with a complete liposuction in some areas thus providing even greater benefits.

Common Questions

A percentage of adipocytes gets absorbed by the organism so in 2-3 months time the final result appears when the surviving adipocytes complete their vascularization.

Usually, the vast majority of cases do not require revesion.

Yes, because adult stem cells do not proliferate so the remaining blood cells are permanent. However, the result can change in cases of extreme weight changes.

This procedure is completely safe and is performed under local anesthesia and sedation. It is possible that there is minimal bruising that recedes in a few days and the patient is able to return to their daily activities after 1-2 days.