Cellulite is defined as the appearance of folds, skin disparity, or the “orange peel” appearance. It results from the hyperplasia (increase in number) or the hypertrophy (increase in volume) of adipocytes, in combination with the decrease in blood microcirculation in the area as well the redistribution of the intracellular and extracellular fluids.

Body mesotherapy is used to treat cellulite by causing:

  • Locally increased tissue perfusion
  • Reduction of the volume of adipocytes
  • Disintegration of stiff collagen fibers that trap fatty deposits and are responsible for the annoying ”orange peel” appearance.

Each session lasts 20-30 minutes depending on the extent of the problem. At the end of the treatment, the patient has a mild redness that recedes within a 2-4 hours. The patient can return to their daily lives without any restrictions. Excellent results usually require 3-6 sessions with an interval of 15-30 days. Body mesotherapy is successfully combined with medical devices such as P.R. Cell 2G and radiofrequencies (RF).