This procedure is performed not only for aesthetic reasons but mainly for relief purposes especially in cases of very large breasts that may be accompanied by chronic headaches, deformities, back and neck pain, shoulder grooving, respiratory problems and skin irritations.

The breast gland is removed and the dropped breasts are uplifted. The result is smaller, lighter, lifted and more symmetrical breasts and a much better quality of life.

Common Questions

The surgery lasts almost 3 hours and is done under general anesthesia.

Only a night stay in the clinic is needed.

2-3 days after surgery the patient can return to work wearing a special bra for one month. For 3-4 weeks the patient should not lift weights and avoid any workout.

The degree of scarring mainly depends on the skin of the patient and how well this heals . However the scars are completely hidden if one is wearing underwear or swimwear.

It is a long lasting result; the breasts largely retain their new shape, unless there is an extreme loss of weight or a pregnancy. However, the bigger the chest, the faster the ptosis will happen in future.

Some examples from our results

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Case 1
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