Hydra Facial is a popular, gentle, non-invasive, multi-step deep cleansing and rejuvenating medical facial treatment. It is suitable for patients of all ages and skin types.

    • Removal of dead cells and impurities
    • Removal of excess sebum, unclogging the pores
    • Antioxidant action
    • Binding of harmful oxygen free radicals by hydrogen ions
    • Deep hydration
    • Stimulation of muscle tissue (1 kHz microwaves)
    • Activation of blood circulation
    • Glowing and refreshed skinIt is therefore an excellent treatment that ensures deep cleansing, exfoliation, correction of skin imperfections, deep hydration, anti-aging and rejuvenation with no side effects and with no downtime being required. In addition, as this method targets clogged pores, it restore