Skin cancer  can affect anyone, as it is by far the most common type of cancer. All people have moles on their bodies. The presence of multiple moles, prolonged exposure to sun/childhood burns and a positive family history of melanoma are risk factors that are taken into consideration in patients. Melanoma accounts for the majority of skin cancer deaths worldwide, with its frequency increasing and with the tendency to appear at younger ages. The safest method of prevention is detailed digital mapping, which will help to accurately identify any potentially dangerous moles. Furthermore, images are taken which can be compared at your subsequent appointment allowing for minor changes in the moles to be detected. The role of digital mapping is crucial in the recognition and diagnosis of a melanoma at an early-stage as melanomas are considered curable when found early enough and removed surgically.

Our clinic has the most advanced skin lesion examination and recording system, the system of digital dermoscopy and mole mapping, FotoFinder. It represents the sharpest images in video dermoscopy and amazes dermoscopists worldwide. Subsequently, we ensure the highest possible diagnostic accuracy when examining skin, nail and hair lesions. FotoFinder enables total body mapping in the least possible time providing high quality systematic surveillance of moles which consists an essential primary prevention strategy. It provides the ability of thorough dermoscopy with the use of its new generation top camera. All findings are recorded and stored for comparison in future reviews. It is the most valuable and indispensable tool in any subsequent inspection, where any new lesion, or a change in an existing lesion is detected. In the latter case the previous images are compared with the new ones as the device brings the new depictions side by side, enabling the physician to observe and evaluate any slight changes in the color, size and dermatoscopic features.

However, the final diagnosis remains the sole responsibility of our physician as the FotoFinder analysis system is intended to provide a second opinion based on clinically tested risk-rating pattern recognition algorithms.